Summer is here!

Good morning summer! 

I´ve always been lazy when it comes to sunscreen. I admit that I don´t like the creamy texture, it makes my skin sticky and I get a skin-claustrophobic feeling.

That´s why I use my daily sunblock in my moisturizer, but when pool and beach come to the equation, there´s no escape to sunscreen and, believe you me, I´ve tried some...

I have a lately crush with ALBA HAWAIIAN CLEAR SPRAY SUNSCREEN SPF 50 this yumilicious sunscreen smells like beach, breeze and coconut. No creamy texture, neither stickiness. So light and conscious!!

This sunscreen is biodegradable for a happy planet, gluten free, chemicals and harmful ingredients free, vegetarian and not expensive compared to regular sunscreens, it depends on where you get it. The cost is around 12 dlls and you can buy it online, Whole Foods or grocery stores. 

Sun Lotion has been one of my quests. I´ve used a LOT of sun lotions. 

You see, when I was in my twenties I was totally out of my mind and used baby oil to tan myself, accelerators where in  the menu as well (please don´t do this, is like putting yourself on a grill).

Then I stop being stupid and listen to my mother´s advice: use sunblock no matter what. Even if you are a vampire, just use it!

So I started trying different products that doesn´t make me feel sticky and yiac. Then when I thought I discovered, finally!, my fav sunscreen skin-claustrophobic free, I discovered too that it was full of chemicals and harmful stuff for the planet and the animals. Murphy 1- Annie 0

Kiss my Face is my fav right now. Its light texture make my skin feel hydrated, water resistant products make sense when it comes to beach and pool. It smells nice, has no chemicals, nor animal testing. Is safe for your skin and safe for the planet. 

Never, ever, ever leave your skin without after sun nurturing. I love Aloe Vera gel which I use after every sun bath. It helps my skin regenerate and feed with the healing properties of Aloe. 

I have an Aloe Vera garden growing in my backyard. I love Aloe, I use it for everything. So if you like it as much as I do, or maybe wanna give it a try and integrate Aloe Vera to your daily habits, I really suggest get a plant and start feeding it with daily moisturized soil. They are so low maintenance and beautiful. 

Here´s the RECIPE for a super easy ALOE VERA GEL that you can keep in the fridge for any use, from scratches and burns to skin therapy. 

I really hope you are smiling! Summer is here! Wojoooooo!

Love and light