Friends, makeup & a PhotoBooth

There's something amazing about a Photobooth. There's something even more amazing: a photobooth with friends.

Past June 24th, SusiMakeup celebrated summer in her gorgeous Miami studio, an activity that brought me some thoughts about friendship, and how important is for everybody to have a good gang of friends.

I arrived to the States 4 years ago. Of course I was so happy with my husband and my new life that I didn't have the time to realize how much I missed my friends from Mexico.

Then, little by little, a few amazing women started appearing in my life. Today I can say that we have created such a beautiful bond that makes me understand the power of women doing magic together.

There is alchemy when women get together, the power of creativity manifests through us, this is why is so important to have an honest group of female friends.

Finding a friend is like finding a boyfriend or a partner to share your life. You will find different types of good friends in the way, so you have to be smart to keep the good ones instead of being loyal to others that are not in your highest interests.

Be patient and, if you don't have a good pack of close friends yet or you are in a new country or city, visualize and call upon friends that will heal your soul and show you their vulnerabilities too. Being vulnerable is important. It is trough vulnerability that you identify with others and even with your own self. 

Run far away from gossip and "friends" that don't make you feel great about yourself. It Is neither about competition, nor who is better or more beautiful than you. It is not about who has more money or more expensive clothes, it is about spending time, hugging and kissing those amazing women that are in your life and share your path.

Friends are spiritual teachers that will help you put yourself together in bad times and enjoy the beauty of good times.

Friendship is about celebration. And now friendship is about SUMMER!!! Beach, pool parties and summer Makeup at SusiMakeup Studio.

Susi, LeighGinna, Vero & July, thanks for appearing in my life. I love you guys with all my heart. 

With love,