Chilled mango + acai soup

Today I want, not to share, but to persuade you with this YUMI and oh-so-fresh breakfast. 

I created this recipe out of desperation. Yes, I was totally and utterly desperate for eating all those mangoes that the season brought. I literally had my kitchen full of mangoes, and a lot of them where in the edge of getting rotten. 

My mother and father were visiting and, let me tell you, they are mango eaters and weren´t able to eat them all. So we got into the task of using all of them for breakfast.

I said: I have an idea!

And dive into my freezer for some frozen acai which is the fruit of the palm that is cultivated for "hearts of palm", and created this OMG chilled soup that suites beautiful for granola and breakfast. 

Remember that the measures can be modified if you want to do your own creation. So, have fun and evolve it with different ingredients. 

2-3 mangoes + 100 grs frozen acai + 1 teaspoon moringa powder + Maple Syrup (your call) + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + 1 cup of ice = BLEND until smooth. 

TOP it with: Any fruit you want, I used Dragon Fruit, homemade granola & seeds.

Keep enjoying summer weather! 

With Love,