Photography by Andres Henao  @andreshenaoa

Photography by Andres Henao @andreshenaoa

This full moon speaks about deep transformation. I experience it in my own path, that feeling of leaving the skin behind and leaving that shell, then, with a new skin; In my case, even literally.

Since I am more connected to the cycles of the moon and my curiosity has opened up to the astral information, many things make sense in my life. I have always been more an earth- person and I need the tangible beyond the non-visible.

For me, the moon was the romantic symbol by nature and I had an intuitive and dreamy relationship with her, more that anything. Now, people around me and the information I consume leads me to learn from the planets, from how their positions and situations affect us and, it is curious, but how they do impact our behavior and manifestations.

Yesterday was a special night, not only because Full Moon Mother accompanied us from the sky, but because our Namo Zen temple was filled with beautiful souls with whom we shared a couple of hours of meditation, introspection and reflection.

I get more certain with time that we got to built in community and for the community, with love and sense of service.  Our intention in this space is to build a temple for peace, meditation and growth.

Last night, Norge and I guided a meditation to connect deeply with the senses and fill us with that transforming energy of this Strawberry Moon, a moon that puts us and all those positive and negative aspects in the magnifying glass, for us to evaluate our transformation.

Mr Mitrano shared wisdom about this full moon, he talked about the importance of taking action  to change or improve ourselves, but wait till the time to take those actions, is perfect. In two weeks comes the new moon and then there will be a perfect predisposition to take those actions.

I want to especially thank my dear friend Andres Henao who is not only a talented photographer but also helps us with so much love and dedication. These photos tell beautifully the night we spent yesterday in conjunction with all these beautiful souls who went to our temple.

Yesterday, as always, the energy was inspiring and I feel honored and happy to work close to such beautiful souls who dream of a better world.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Anna Bolena @alasdeorquidea